To convey the research and discussion topics within Prosthetic X, we have developed several workshops and keynotes:

  • human machine interaction & human enhancement
  • purposeful data & embedding internet of things data privacy
  • healthy ageing and beauty

The workshop formats have been researched and developed in the context of 3×3 at V2_

Human-machine interaction

During the first 3×3 at V2_, we conducted experiments that revolved around questions concerning prosthetics and how they relate to the human body. We micked the sensors of Prosthetic X and obtained real time data on the visitors health. Afterwards, we projected their health status on their body and shared it on large screens to discuss the impact on social interaction and behaviour of wearing Prosthetic X. We challenged the audience to create their own prosthetic in 3D.

At ‘station 3’ of the experiment, participants would have their personal prosthetics visualised on their own photograph

Sharing social interest

In this digital workshop, we make the audience experience how social interaction based on shared interests during a serendipity encounter result in in-depth, pleasant conversations. With this experiment we gain insight into the overlap between different generations and ways to increase empathy & combat loneliness.

The first time we conducted this workshop, was part of the 3×3 program at V2_ . In an online event over 40 participants were matched. They were put in a ‘break-out room’ and only knew that they had a match based on their interest – they were not aware which interest. It confirmed that having a shared interest is enough to spur a conversation – the conversations in the experiment lasted for approximately 25 minutes. 

Healthy ageing and beauty

In this workshop, we elaborate on the various decisions and elements of the Data Donor Register and the readability of the prosthetics.

During the first session at V2_, we had +60 participants, sharing over 330 comments and ideas regarding the readability of Prosthetic X and the Data Donor Register. Isaac Monté gave an anatomical demonstration where he showed the envisioned locations for Prosthetic X on the body.  During the workshop, we demonstrate the moving prosthetics.

Images by Fenna de Jong

We tested 3 times how people perceive the colours and wanted to know which colours are positive and which are perceived negative. As you can see, this is a very individual preference. Therefore, Prosthetic X, will make use of an intake-form, where users will be able to decide what readability should go with the personal Prosthetic X.