Prosthetic X: an 'Artificial Data Organ'

Prosthetic X speculates how non-invasive health tracking tools will give us insight into social, mental and physical health. It will empower empathy, celebrate knowledge and combats the threat of loneliness, isolation and health conditions for an aging population. The shadows of aging will fade away and unleash a new beauty ideal.

Prosthetic X is a technological “artificial data organ” that is strongly reminiscent of a natural organ, with prostheses that serve as aesthetic indicators for the functioning or non-functioning of (parts of) the body. 

It consists of a platform around the head and hands to which 9 prostheses can be connected, which  respond and adapt in real time to our inner health, external condition and social interactions. A series of body extensions that live, breathe, move and change colour, like the organs in our body. 

They change by responding to personal social data, health data and external measurements. In addition, there is a tenth prosthesis: the exo-organ, which can stand with a loved one or caregiver. This indicates the “status” of the other nine, allowing dedicated others to gain insight into the health of the wearer from a distance.